Learn how to sweat for good!

Dear Generation Next,

We see you. We see how much you care. We see how savvy you are. We see your strength.

We also see that sometimes you need a little support to make the huge difference you are making. Positive Tracks was created for you.

How to use our help and support? It’s simple: You can play kickball. You can shoot hoops. You can run the CHaD HERO (one of our personal favorites). If you can dream it, we can help you make it happen for CHaD.



You choose your athletic endeavor. Positive Tracks staff and coordinators provide counsel on event planning and logistics, leadership, team building, fitness, and everything you need to sweat for good from start to finish. 

This includes hands on help from a real person and an extensive library of toolkits. We’ll even match your dollars. Every dollar raised goes to CHaD, in addition to Positive Tracks matching dollars. And if fundraising isn’t your thing, no problem, we’ll help you raise awareness or mobilize your friends to volunteer.

Our partnership is free. We don’t take a cut. There is no catch. Period.

WHAT DO WE MEAN BY “SWEAT FOR GOOD”? Option A.) You can register to join the CHaD HERO and work with one of our awesome Positive Tracks Coordinators at CHaD OR Option B.) You can organize your own athletic event for CHaD and we’ll provide individualized support, insurance, digital registration and fundraising pages. – whatever moves you. Then you use that event to educate friends, peers or family about CHaD – and we’ll show you how. Check out our list of Sweat for Good ideas.

Cam Crew at Finish 2016 Credit Dan Grossman Photography

WHAT DO WE MEAN BY “GIVE BACK”? Participate, lead, recruit, mobilize, volunteer, mentor, educate or fundraise. You choose exactly how you want to be involved. We help you get started and we have your back every step of the way. Check out our U23 Challenges Highlights and Success Stories for inspiration.

READY TO GET IN THE GAME? Good. We were counting you in anyway!

If you’d like to join the CHaD HERO, Hilary Hubbard, our Positive Tracks Coordinator at CHaD is here to help. Shoot Hilary an email. She is awesome and she’ll take it from there.

Looking to create your own event for CHaD? See nitty gritty details and apply to be a Captain here. Spoiler alert: We will contact you right away.

In short, Gen Z –

Keep it real, keep it fun, and keep the ball in your court with Positive Tracks.

We’ll talk to you soon.