CHaD Dad Gives Back

My son, Connor was diagnosed with Bicuspid Aortic Stenosis after a routine well child visit when his doctor heard a heart murmur.  After following up with CHaD Cardiologist, Dr. Johnson, he had his heart procedure done when he was 2 years old.  Probably the scariest time of our lives was in front of my wife and me as we planned for the surgery. The support staff the day of his procedure was nothing short of amazing, in keeping us calm and together (as best we could be).  Long hours of waiting as his heart was being fixed.

Connor at CHaD
Connor while he was at CHaD

He came out of surgery with flying colors and is now a happy and healthy 11 year-old in the 6th grade.  He has no restrictions as to things he cannot do.  He follows up with his cardiologist yearly and continues to do fine.

connor at red sox game.jpg
Connor today, a happy and healthy 11 year-old

I saw the signs for the CHaD HERO event in the hospital during our brief stay (we are lucky and were in on a Tuesday and out on Wednesday, and back at his gymnastics class on Friday) and knew I wanted to help give back to CHaD.  What really made me want to give back was when I was walking through the Pod the night after his surgery was done.  I was able to see into other rooms where I saw other kids in far worse shape than my own son.  No kid should ever have to go through life like this, and neither should their families.

I do the CHaD 1/2 marathon in hopes of raising $1,000 or more each year that I have been running (8th year this year) not for my son but mainly for every other child and family in far worse situations.  Like I said, no family should have to go through the heartbreak of having a child in dire situations.  Kids are supposed to grow up care free and have a zest for life and not have to deal with being in the hospital.

family at chad
Connor and his family at the CHaD HERO

I am forever grateful for CHaD and glad there is a top-notch organization like it in the state of NH.  This is why I run and raise money for CHaD.  I will try to continue to do it for as long as my great Family and Friends help me give back!

So from Connor and my family. Keep up the good work CHaD!

Jim Lord