Introducing the Kid HERO Crew!

Each year, we typically have one Kid HERO who is the face and heart of that year’s CHaD HERO, but for this special 15th anniversary, we wanted to mix things up. Introducing the Kid HERO Crew!

Our Kid HERO Crew is made up of ten outstanding kids who will be sharing their CHaD stories, creating art and words of encouragement for top fundraisers and teams, and kicking off the HERO on October 18. Kid HEROES help us highlight the importance of our fundraising efforts to support CHaD’s critical programs and services.

We can’t thank these kids enough for giving back to CHaD and sharing their CHaD experience with our HERO community.

Please welcome our Kid HERO Crew and look for their photos, videos, and CHaD stories soon!


Jasper V.

Age 9

First official Kid HERO in 2016


Charlotte U.

Age 9

Inspiration for Team Unstoppable Uffords


Avery S.

Age 7

Inspiration for Team brAVERY

2018 Kid HERO

Check out Avery’s dad’s blog post from 2018 here.


Eryn R.

Age 14

Likes to play field hockey and basketball.


Tristan C.

Age 7

Likes baseball, skiing, swimming and Legos.


Lily W.

Age 14

Likes arts & crafts, basketball and music.


Owen Z.

Age 2

Read Owen’s mom’s 2019 HERO blog post here.


Shannon W.

Age 13

Inspiration for Team Shannon

2017 Kid HERO


Finn W.

Age 4

Inspiration for Team Finn 321

2019 Kid HERO

Here’s a link to Finn’s dad’s blog post last year.


Abigail D.

Age 8

Likes to swim, sing and read.