Meet Kid HERO Lily!

Lily, 2020 Kid HERO Crew member

My name is Lily Webster and I’m 14 years old. My nana volunteered to take me to my pediatrician as my mom and dad were working. She had noticed that I was drinking a lot and using the bathroom more than normal. Blood work was done at my doctor’s office and I had a high AIC level. My doctor sent me to DHMC to see a pediatric diabetic doctor. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes after seeing Dr. Christiano. That’s the day my life changed forever. I learned how to give myself shots, count carbohydrates, look at nutrition labels, and found out I couldn’t eat my favorite foods anymore (mashed potatoes and Oreo’s).

Lily sitting in the bleachers at a basketball game

I am now on an insulin pump. Having the insulin pump has helped as now I no longer need to give myself shots. I just figure out how many carbohydrates I am going to eat and the pump releases insulin to cover what I’m eating.

Lily with a bouquet of flowers

Lily holding a bouquet of flowers

I am proud to say that by using all the information I have learned over the past year, I have lost over 30 pounds and feel so much better than I did before I was diagnosed. – Lily, Kid HERO Crew member

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