CHaD HERO Pedestrian Safety Tips

During the CHaD HERO, everyone is a pedestrian! Whether walking, running, or hiking at some point you’ll probably be sharing a road with drivers who may not be paying attention or driving unsafely.  Our motto here at CHaD is “See, Be Seen” and we want you to be a safe and happy HERO!  Here are a few tips to help with that:

  • Wear clothing that is bright with reflective highlights, even in daylight.
  • Use sidewalks whenever possible.
  • If there aren’t sidewalks then walk as far to the side of the road as possible facing oncoming traffic.
  • Use crosswalks if available, even if it means walking a little farther.
  • Distracted walking can be as dangerous as distracted driving.  Put the cell phone away. Think about the walk, not the talk!
  • Watch for cars coming out of driveways and be especially careful in parking lots.
  • Supervise children and hold hands with young ones.

Injuries can spoil your walk/run/hike so take some time to plan out your route to avoid potential fall hazards like uneven surfaces.  Wear sunscreen or protective clothing if it’s sunny. Using a brimmed hat and sunglasses can not only protect your eyes they can help with solar glare that can block your vision. 

Make sure that your shoes are broken in but not broken down.

If you’re prone to blisters in a certain spot consider using an anti-chafing balm ahead of time. Waterproof bandaids or a product like KT tape can be effective for blister prevention as well. 

Make sure someone knows where you are going and a time you expect to be back.  If walking in a group, have someone with a blinking light in the front and in the back.  The person in the back can also be the “sweep” to make sure no one falls behind.

Water and healthy snacks make the walk easier.  For little ones, this will be an adventure but consider a bailout plan in case they lose enthusiasm or the weather takes a nasty turn.  You can always be a HERO another day!

Whatever you do have fun and know that every dollar you raise is helping kids throughout NH and VT.

— Jim Esdon, Program Coordinator at CHaD Injury Prevention Center

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