Training for a Half Marathon

Jeff hiking with his family

For a legitimate training plan to run a half marathon you should check out this Runner’s World site which has a range of regimes based on your age, abilities, and intentions. 

For an illegitimate training plan, read on, I have some other ideas.

With running or hiking, I appreciate the chance to turn off the mind, sweat a little, and take in the outdoors.  With these factors in the balance, there are two workouts that I favor.

Running the Northern Rail Trail

What I love about the Rail Trail: it is flat… it is beautiful…it has no traffic whatsoever.  There are rail trails all over New England and locally we have one that runs from Lebanon along the Mascoma River and Mascoma Lake and well into central NH.  You can find out more about the Rail Trail HERE  (you have to create an account, which is fast and free, and the wealth of information about rail trails across the region is well worth it).

Hiking New Hampshire’s 4,000 ft. Mountains

Hiking can be tough but the views, connection to nature, sense of accomplishment, and lock-step merit badge accumulation tip the scales in favor of heading out.  Like the Rail Trail, the degree of workout is completely in your hands – walk slow and smell the roses or jog the flats and scamper the steeps, either way is going to get you the view (and have you feeling it on the stairs the next day).  There are 48 peaks in NH that are over 4,000 feet, each with their own flavor, so something for everyone and a standing lifelong challenge to get to the top of each of them.  See more HERE.

— Jeff Hastings, Co-founder of CHaD HERO

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