Meet Kid HERO Shannon!

Shannon in front of statue

Shannon, 2020 Kid HERO Crew member

Shannon was our 2017 Kid HERO and she’s back this year to join the Kid HERO Crew!

“Shannon is 14 and has been a CHaD patient since she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at seven months old.  She is going into 8th grade in Proctor, VT.  She loves sports.  She plays soccer, basketball, softball, swimming and cross country running.

Shannon at CHaD

In 2019, she ran at least one 5K a month for 10 months straight.  She is looking forward to running her next CHaD HERO 5K to see if she can beat her personal best that she set last year of 26:45. One day she hopes to run the CHaD HERO Half Marathon. We hope that the care Shannon receives at CHaD can support her in achieving that goal!” – Shannon’s mom

Shannon and her mom at the 2016 CHaD HERO

To support Shannon in reaching her fundraising goals, visit Team Shannon. Over the past five years, Shannon has raised over $1,100 for CHaD kids and programs. Thank you, Shannon!

Learn more about this year’s virtual CHaD HERO at Registration re-launches on July 13.

Meet Kid HERO Jasper!

Photo of Jasper smiling, 2020 Kid HERO Crew member
Jasper, 2020 Kid HERO Crew member

“Jasper became a CHaD patient at birth when he needed the services of the NICU. He had his first surgery when he was barely a day old. His rare birth defects made him unique and it seemed he was visited by nearly every department during his two-week NICU stay.

Jasper jumping over a hay bail

While we’ve been told we could benefit from care at Boston Children’s, we’ve never had a reason to leave CHaD. We feel so blessed to have this hospital in our backyard. We really feel like the doctors and nurses see our family as an important part of the decision making, really listening to the intuition we have as parents.

Jasper smiling at a kitchen table

Over the first few years of his life, Jasper had multiple surgeries and inpatient stays and we always felt right at home at CHaD. Many of the staff feel like extended family. We are thankful for Jasper’s doctors and nurses who have taken extra time and care to troubleshoot his unique physiology. Jasper hasn’t had to visit CHaD in the last four years outside of routine check-ups. We know there will be times in the future when he’ll need more specialty care and feel confident CHaD can fulfill our needs. CHaD doctors and nurses have enabled him to live a fairly normal life through various surgical interventions. He can get on with the joy of being a kid.”

— Jacob & Leigh, Jasper’s parents

Jasper crossing the finish line at the 2016 CHaD HERO
Kid HERO Jasper at the 2016 CHaD HERO

Jasper was our very first official Kid HERO in 2016 and we’re so happy to have him back this year as a part of the Kid HERO Crew! Register today at to join Jasper and his family for this year’s event.

Meet Kid HERO Charlotte!

Charlotte, a 2020 Kid HERO Crew member

“Charlotte was four years old when she was diagnosed with hypertension of unknown origin. When our PCP noticed her elevated blood pressures, they sent us to CHaD Nephrology, where Charlotte was followed closely with lab work, tests, scans and weekly follow ups when she had medication changes. The Nephrology team members were always so kind and made Charlotte the focus of the appointments. They spoke to her in a way that made her still feel confident and normal, during periods of time when we were all still worried and trying to figure her diagnosis out.

Charlotte at CHaD

The unknown seemed so scary and watching your child be scared and afraid is horrible. The Child Life department was helpful with each blood draw or scan she needed, and there seemed to be so many at first. They were also so helpful with comforting us (Mom and Dad) after we would have to leave her in CHaD Pain Free. After a few years of trying to lower her blood pressures, we repeated her MRI and a narrowing of her descending aorta was found, which led us to consult with Boston Children’s Hospital. Charlotte was officially diagnosed with Mid Aortic Syndrome and Renovascular Hypertension in 2019 and she takes four blood pressure medications a day.

Charlotte continues to be doing well and is routinely followed by CHaD Nephrology for blood pressure checks, cardiac echos and kidney ultrasounds. At some point in her early teen years, Charlotte will need bypass surgery, but for now she continues to be a spunky, smart and charismatic 9 year old.”

– Liz, Charlotte’s mom

Charlotte and her brother at the 2019 CHaD HERO

Join Charlotte and her family in participating in the 2020 CHaD HERO! Learn more and register at